Why Plan A Short Trip to Digha for Upcoming Bengali New Year in 2021?

Published On : March 23, 2021

For the Bengalis, the Bengali New Year or “Poila Boishakh” is the most special time. Apart from Durga Puja, “Poila Boishakh” is yet another big festive time in the entire Bengal. So, how about spending the time at Digha at this time? It is springtime, and the Bengalis call the month “Choitro”, which is the Bengali year’s last month. Not a single Bengali soul will stay away from indulging themselves in the shopping spree of the “Chotro Sale”. This fun at shopping will be remarkably different, when you spend the time at Digha, booking a low-priced hotel.

How Will “Poila Boishak” Be Special in 2021?

Being the first day of Bengali New Year, in 2021 “Poila Boishakh” has fallen on Monday (15th April 2021). So, the weekend is going to be an exciting and extended one. So, as soon as possible book your travel tickets Do not forget to choose the best among the budget hotels in New Digha for this festive occasion. The Bengali New Year is the occasion for the Bengali folks to put on new clothes and exchange pleasantries. Since starting the Bengali New Year is the tradition among the Bengalis, so you can easily visit the Jagannath Temple and Ganga Temple, and Lord Shiva Temple for offerings and begin the New Year with blessings.

After landing in Digha, when you end up booking a low-priced hotel, then there will be the least economic strains. The best thing about visiting Digha, especially from Kolkata is its proximity as well as good connectivity by roadways and railways.
Start off on Friday evening and return to Kolkata on Tuesday after having a grand time celebrating the First Day of Bengali New Year at Digha. You are sure to be back refreshed after enjoying the cool sea breeze in this summer’s heat. Surprisingly, you shall be back to work with full vigor. The children will enjoy it a lot since their schools will be closed.

This is the Right Time to Make Quick Bookings

No wonder that Digha is an evergreen beach for travels, and facilitates budget tight tourists as they have the scope to book the best cheap hotels in Digha. So, unlike all other travel destinations, Digha encourages tourists to visit at any time. As long as there are empty rooms, book the hotels soon. Iconic Hotel is among the cheap hotels in Digha where you must book a room at the earliest to enjoy a homestay, Besides, during the Digha festivals, you are always welcome. But the awesome experience will be the surprise celebrations on the First Day of Bengali New Year. Plan your tour well, do the bookings on time and enjoy to the fullest.

As it is pointed out that for an economic and comfortable accommodation, book a room at Iconic Hotel in Digha, It is among the ideal hotel furnished will all the needed hospitality facilities. All the rooms are hygienic and the food service contains both vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods. So, no one has to fret. As long as the rooms are available, be quick and book a room for your family. Then make your way to Digha for a wholesome experience to create fresh memories.

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