Why Choose Digha As The Holiday Destination Over Goa?

Published On : June 10, 2021

Goa has emerged into a conventional and usual holiday destination, but Goa is even having a competitor, that is Digha. Before finalizing on Goa as the holiday destination for the summer vacations, you would rather take time and consider Digha for the purpose

Although Goa offers a charming landscape along with exotic beach hotels added by supreme luxury holiday opportunities, yet Digha is not far away to let its visitors visit the beach town and experience new flavors for the beach holidays. At the same time, the luxurious and affordable hotels in Digha provide you with the liberty to select between the exotic luxury hotels of Goa of the budget-friendly hotel of Digha.

The Chief Reasons To Choose Digha Over Goa

  1. Fine Family-Friendly Options

For enjoying with the family, Digha is the perfect holiday destination. At Digha, old, young, kids and adults would enjoy exploring and enjoying. On the other hand, Goa is the preferred destination when couples have to go on a honeymoon trip. So, if you have to go out on holiday with your parents and kids, then plan a trip to Digha where you can create lively and ever cherishing memories with your family.

  1. Budget Hotels

Going for a holiday trip to Goa is going to cost you a fortune. So, forget the expenditure you are to incur once you have reached Goa, the amount which will be lost to reach Goa is almost equivalent or even lesser to the expenditure to be incurred in the whole Digha trip. Thus, when your target is enjoying a holiday within a limited budget, then the best option for you is Digha. Even compared to the hotels in Goa, the hotels in Digha are all the way more budget-friendly.

  1. Quick Holiday or Brief Weekend Getaway

Goa dominates as the perfect weekend getaway for the Southern and Western India people, while for the people of North East, West Bengal, Bihar, and Jharkhand the easier option is Digha. Rather Digha is well connected by railways and roadways from all the distinct locations

  1. The Tradition and Culture of Bengal is Beautifully Portrayed At Digha

West Bengal is regarded as the cultural center of India. Therefore, at Digha, you are sure to get the perfect flavor of Bengal’s traditions and rich cultures. When you visit Digha at the time of Durga Puja, then mark it, it will definitely be a lifetime experience. At the same time, it will be difficult for you to miss out on the mouth-watering regional cuisines of Digha. The luxurious hotels even attempt in representing the rich heritage of West Bengal.

Digha is indeed resourceful over Goa in terms of budget and heritage. Its markets and the sea beach are the additional attractions. Along with being an affordable choice, the pure beauty of Digha is welcoming to all ages, and after visiting once you will want to come back again.


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