Unusual and Fun Facts About Digha For Intriguing You To Quick Visit

Published On : November 1, 2021

Digha is marked for its stunning beach paradise, adorned with a luscious fringe of Casuarina trees, burnished coastline, golden sunrises and dreamy sunsets. Almost every honeymooner, specifically from Kolkata and Kharagpur create a beeline to visit the place and book a comfortable room from the best hotels in Digha for themselves.Digha is a heaven for the weekends to find the solace they were seeking and even indulge themselves the fun activities like the banana rides on the beaches. There are both nature walks and parks, and a number of restaurants to treat you to succulent seafood dishes at proper rates.

Fine, getting away from these, do you know what are the lesser-known, unusual and fun facts regarding this beach getaway? Let us find out one by one.

1. India’s Largest Inbuilt Aquarium is Digha’s Marine Aquarium

In your Digha trip plan, keep a day for visiting Digha’s Marine Aquarium that the Zoological Survey of India maintains. Marine life is of sheer variety, thriving in the grey-blue waters of Digha that holds all the viewers in thrall. Categorized into three categories, the first one is the endangered species in need of conservation, the second one is the freshwater species and the third one are the endemic ones – this marine museum is home to an array of sharks, sea anemones, sea snakes manta rays, lobsters, Butterflyfish and horseshoe crabs. Exploring them all and discover for your knowledge why it is India’s largest inbuilt aquarium.

2. Banana Boat Rides Has Made Digha’s Udaipur Beach Much Famous

Udaipur Beach is enclosed between Talsari Beach and the New Digha Beach. Here uncountable revellers gather for amusement options. Its sweeping panoramic views starting for the languishing fishermen boats, a frothy sea mirroring the clear open sky, the delicate yellow sand are all what that the photographers would love to capture. The visitors come up for riding the choppy waters in a banana boat. They indulge themselves in a refreshing swim, take a bike ride in the area, while feeling the boisterous winds in their faces while walking. A local restaurant is always welcoming after they are contented about spending the day well, and then treat themselves to grilled lobsters, prawns and crabs.

3. Once Digha was termed as the “Brighton of the East”

Warren Hastings, Bengal’s first governor had called Digha the “Brighton of the East”, in his letters for Digha is the little sand expanse skirting the Bay of Bengal. The cashew and casuarina plantations, the old Church, the breathtaking sunsets as well as the moody coastline made him recall Brighton, and he wished Digha come up at the beach resort.

4. The Old Digha Beach is Not Much In Use

All the action is now at the New Digha Beach. Since the soil has eroded in Old Digha Beach, so a large part of it has become rocky, and so remains inaccessible. Hence, you can move up to the New Digha Beach for enjoying a gorgeous sunset, swimming and for taking a long stroll loving the gentle waves splashing against your feet. This idyllic setting is a favourite among honeymooners.

5. Digha is the Home To Dr Dipak Mitra’s Snake Farm

Dr Dipak Mitra’s Snake Farm has been set up in Digha after Kolkata, where a cross-section of both venomous and non-venomous snakes can be seen in gigantic enclosures. Even the snakes are bred here. Walk here to discover the truly stunning varieties of the sinister beasts. This site is a favourite among Herpetologists.

The hotels in Digha are well furnished and affordable, and from some hotel rooms’ balconies, you can see the stunning sea views. Are you prepared to come here the next weekend? Put your plan to life and discover the unique beach paradises filled with peace, and start off fresh after returning to your home.

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