Top 10 Must-Visit Beaches in West Bengal

Published On : August 3, 2021

Located on the eastern coastline of India, West Bengal overlooks the Bay of Bengal. West Bengal is rich with diverse geography and homes to wonderful hill stations as well as scenic beaches. The Bay of Bengal is featured by its crystal clear water while the gorgeous stretched coastline, as well as Holy Ganga’s estuaries, have made a tourist paradise in West Bengal, especially for beach lovers.

The marvelously amazing beaches of West Bengal attract the water-loving folks with the lovely gushing waves sound backed by the calm aura. Hence, West Bengal with its beaches makes a perfect choice for holidays.

Are you planning to go on a weekend trip to the beachside? Then here are the ten sea beach options you have. Just pick one to witness the beaches’ undulating charm each month.

  1. Digha Beach

The famous sea beach among the locals as well as the most visited beach is the Digha Beach. Digha Beach is divided into Old Digha Beach and New Digha Beach. Several souvenir stalls and food shacks rule the Old Digha Sea Beach, while the New Digha Sea Beach can be labeled as “Far From the Madding Crowd“. With the best budget-friendly hotels in Digha, Digha Beach is indeed the popular holiday destination for tourists to spend perfect quality and amazing time.

  1. Tajpur Beach

Among the untouched beach in West Bengal is the Tajpur Beach that is located the East Midnapore. A tranquil place indeed! So, if you are willing to enjoy your weekend at a serene and less crowded place, then you can always pick Tajpur Beach. At Tajpur Beach, you shall feel much close to nature with the soft gushing sound of the sea along with the gentle touch of the blowing breeze. Tajpur Beach has everything to make you fall in love and return to the same place since for peace lovers it is true heaven.

  1. Junput Beach

Greenery and abundant natural charm have made Junput Beach popular. The casuarina trees are lined parallel to the coastline with a remarkable combination of lush green aura, clear blue skies, and lovely waves sound attracts the tourists to the Junput Beach. Located just 4 kilometers from Digha, Junput Beach is fairly commercialized since a lot of visitors visit the beach. Even Junput Beach is a popular picnic spot in West Bengal.

  1. Talsari Beach

Talsari Beach is a calm and serene beach that can be accessed by means of a boat ride. It is located around 7 kilometers ahead of Digha Beach. Basically, Talsari belongs to the part of the delta, that is having a conifer throughout and the beach is having a stretch of 3 kilometers, generally greeted with low tides.

  1. Frazerganj Beach

Frazerganj Beach is the gorgeous beach of West Bengal that enjoys the unspoiled panorama. The crystal clear water, white sand, and soothing gushing waves sound are the remarkable features of Frazerganj Beach. You are sure to be carried away in thoughts while you shall completely enjoy the natural bliss. The charm of this beach is further marked by the mesmerizing dawn and dusk.

  1. Shankarpur Beach

One of the recently discovered sea beaches of West Bengal is Shankarpur Beach. This quaint beach boasts a soothing and interesting aura for every visitor, and so many tourists visit the Shankarpur Beach. Even Shankarpur Beach is famous for fishing activities and welcomes you to walk on the sand with wet feet.

  1. Udaipur Beach

The tranquil Udaipur Beach is marked for its relaxing and laidback atmosphere. Its loving aura and deserted stretch have earned immense popularity amongst those who are ever ready to spend quality time with nature.

  1. Mandarmani Beach

Popular as the honeymoon destination, Mandarmani Beach is home to several villas as well as luxury resorts. The newlyweds and couples are thus assured of their privacy. Mandarmani Beach has recently been commercialized and the visiting tourists are always welcome to indulge in water activities. Every year, numerous tourists flock to the beach to spend time amidst the romantic sunsets and blue turquoise waters. Even this beach provides spectacular sunrise and sunset views.

  1. Falta Beach

In the 17th century, a ship had been ruined and that is how the Falta Beach has derived its name. Falta Beach is a highly visited beach of West Bengal and much famous among the locals. The undulating beauty of Falta Beach offers the best unforgettable views of the rising and setting sun. River Damodar has merged with the River Hooghly near the Falta Beach vicinity. Needless to mention the place is offering spectacular views.

  1. Bakkhali Beach

Different from the other beaches, the Bakkhali Beach might be visited less, and probably it is the reason for the natural charm to remain intact. Located at a distance from urbanization, the Bakkhali Beach is extremely popular among weekenders and escapists. The Bakkhali Beach is definitely a must-visit beach that no one can ever miss out on.

Have you been vaccinated? Or done with the two vaccination doses against COVID19? Then you are qualified for going on sea beach destination for holidaying. Now, it is time to fight off the blues and stress of the pandemic, and respect your peace. There is no other alternative to the discussed beach destinations as discussed here, especially the Digha Beach, to keep your mind peaceful.

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