New Digha Beach: The Perfect Perennial Getaway For Weekends

Published On : March 23, 2021

Iconic HotelNew Digha Sea Beach indeed deserves the title, “The Evergreen Sea Beach Of West Bengal”. The huge expanse of the New Digha Sea Beach keeps on attracting tourists from the state and the entire nation owing to its easy accessibility and less crowded ambiance. Once the tourists visit, they cannot help themselves but fall in love with the casuarina trees dotting the sea that approximately starts off a mile from the sea beach.


Walking on the warm and soft sand, sipping coconut water, and relaxing on a mat to unwind amidst the calm ambiance – indeed marks the worth of your journey as you keep on devouring the splendid beauty of the surroundings.


As long as you are in Digha, first make sure to book the best hotel in Digha, so that after a night of peaceful sleep, you can wake up early and catch the first sight of auspicious sunrise and sunset on New Digha Sea Beach. Everyone will agree that it is one of the most delightful experiences. At the same time, you can always lure yourself to visit a few places in New Digha situated closer to the sea beach, like the gardens and the aquariums.


The New Digha Sea Beach is the man–made beach, that is created about 2kms at a distance from the old sea beach. The new sea beach is better planned and the tourists can access them easily from the nearby hotels. This newly done sea beach is bigger and is receives better maintenance in comparison to the Old Digha Sea Beach. Accordingly, this New Digha Sea Beach has gained more popularity throughout the years and concentration is not less during the daytime.


New Digha Sea Beach is blessed with soft sand that indeed makes up an awesome weekly getaway. Situated in Southern West Bengal, New Digha is an excellent quaint holiday spot for spending time in tranquility. Starting at about a mile away from the beach area, the Digha sea is wonderfully lined with casuarina trees as far as it can be seen. Famous for lingering sunrise and sunsets, the New Digha will keep on welcoming the guests for all throughout the four seasons. With the sun’s golden rays reflecting off the charming Sea, this wonderful spectacle will definitely last in memories for now and always.

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