Iconic Hotel: The Best Hotel In Digha To Choose For Enjoying Poila Boishakh 1429 Fun

Published On : April 5, 2022

Finally, in 2022, we are having our lifestyles normalized, though in balance with the “new normal”. Now the Bengali New Year 2022 celebrations are just a few miles away, so it is time to make it different, exciting and memorable. How about choosing tranquility and spending the vacation at Digha? The exquisite Digha Beach will work wonders flushing out all the dins, and you can discover yourself being relieved from tremendous stress and anxiety. Yes, bid high-five with your family or friends and make your way to Digha. Before coming over, do not forget to book a room at Iconic Hotel, the renowned and best hotel in Digha, famous for its hospitality services and arrangements to cater to the guests’ safety and comforts.

Iconic Hotel – The “Iconic” Destination to Spend The Bengali New Year With Your Loved Ones

A short trip to Digha indeed works out as a stress buster, especially when you are planning to have a relaxed yet memorable Bengali New Year 2022. At Iconic Hotel, the relief you shall have will become your antidote to your daily stress. Say, if you have chosen the morning and day time to spend at the beach, afternoon at the hotel room, evening for shopping and night time again back to the hotel – then know it should be your perfect plan. The welcome break you would be receiving at Iconic Hotel is the enforced calmness needed to escape the hustle and bustle of your hectic schedule.

Added to the peaceful ambiance, the food the staff will serve you – are the dishes you would never want to miss. Relishing appetite even comforts the hunger as well as the mind!

Poila Boishakh 1429 With A Difference: Some Beautiful Experience At Exotic Digha Beach

So, when you have chosen Digha as your target destination for enjoying the Poila Boishakh 1429, and a hotel room from the best budget hotel, then there is no question of missing out the Digha Beach. The spectacular Digha Beach and the alluring casuarina forests make up the ideal spot to spend time together with your family or friends. The perfect holiday – that you yearn for.

The gushing waves’ movements and their mind-calming sounds, the sand and finally playing in the water – are what every soul craves. You are bound to feel blessed to cherish the moments!

Now, Digha beach is the zone to give you more memories through memoirs – what a pleasure it is to go back to being a child to check out the seashells in the sand and collect them!

In a nutshell, Digha Beach triumphs as the perfect blend of comfort and pleasure.

Some Valuables You Cannot Miss Out Collecting As Imprints of Your This Bengali New Year Visit

How can a trip be complete without shopping? Local-made valuables are the prizes to take back with you as recollections of your fun-time visit to Digha. Here is the list of interesting collectibles you shall feel proud to own –

a. Handwoven Mats –

Handwoven mats in multiple colours are a special textile product setting it different from the mats woven in other parts of West Bengal. Visit the local shops to get hold of them – rather these suit as the perfect self-gift.

b. Sea Shells –

Who can do without collecting seashells on visiting Digha? Now you have a choice here – you can collect them from the sandy sea beach when the sun glistens its early rays on the sand, or else you are can purchase them from local shops.

c. Cashew Nuts –

The cashew plantation acres in Digha, are indeed blessings to the tourists – you can buy them at plenty as it is commonly available, and that too at a cheap rate.

d. Statues –

Temples and the handcrafted Hindu deities exist as the stamp marks of Digha. Rocks are used for crafting these statues, and just a glance at them will create a desire to own them and grace the prayer zone at your home.

e. Bamboo-Made Table Mats –

Short and small bamboo sticks are used in making table mats stand out as popular handicrafts winning over tourists and shopping lovers. Literally, no one can stay away from buying a few for their homes.

Are you ready to name Poila Boishakh to your family or friends, away from dins of city life? Then before the rooms are filled, book a room in advance at Iconic Hotel. Waiting till the last moment will not fetch any pleasing results. Save yourself from the hassles and start completing the needful at the earliest.

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