Iconic Hotel – Best Hotel To Stay in At Digha

Published On : July 1, 2022

People in West Bengal have one spot in mind for a small vacation trip to revitalise themselves whenever there is a long weekend – Digha. Most city inhabitants look forward to seeing the warm, golden sandy beaches and the cold sea waves of the Bay of Bengal. Digha provides something for everyone, from a simple weekend trip to a full-blown family vacation. However, to make any vacation, little or large, a success, here’s why you should choose Iconic Hotel One of the best hotels in Digha – for your stay:

The Iconic Hotel:

If you’re tired of Digha’s overcrowded beaches, New Digha should be a breath of fresh air. Iconic Hotel, located in one of Digha’s most opulent areas, provides a range of amenities like as free parking, room service, complimentary internet, laundry, dry cleaning, daily housekeeping, and many more. It is ideal for visits with children and the elderly, but it is also suitable for business meetings and other functions.

Why Should You Stay At Iconic Hotel?

  • Proximity to beach:

The iconic Hotel is located in close proximity to the sea. When you’re here for your beach getaway, you can easily get access to the beach without any blockade. One comes to Digha to relax on the warm beaches with the cool ocean breeze. Then why not stay somewhere that gives you good access to beaches. This makes Iconic Hotel one of the best hotels to reside at in New Digha.

  • Rooms:

When you’re travelling with family, friends or even alone, you are not going to spend all the day outside. Eventually, you will return back to the hotel suite. Having a hotel room that is clean, and well furnished is quite a necessity for any tourist or traveller. A good room will allow you to relax better, this is where Iconic Hotel stands out as one of the best hotels in Digha.

  • Room service:

While most hotels try to cut their cost by not providing room services at this price point, Iconic Hotel keeps its guest ahead by ensuring their complete care. Thus, room service is always available for guests’ complete convenience. Guests staying at Iconic Hotel can vouch for the courtesy and manner the room service personnel dons. Making Iconic Hotel one of the best hotels to spend your vacation in.

  • Security:

When travelling with family with elders and children, you wouldn’t want to stay in an insecure location where their security can be compromised. This is where Iconic Hotel stands apart from the crowd of hotels that covers the shore of Digha. Here, along with a parking facility to protect your vehicle, you can also feel the security of your family and yourself when staying in one of the best hotels in terms of security – Iconic Hotel.

  • In-House Restaurant:

Food is a huge part of the vacation. You can’t always rely on restaurants outside, especially in the early morning time. Most stand-alone restaurant doesn’t open up until noon. Thus, having an in-house restaurant is very important, especially for breakfast. Iconic Hotels houses quality in-house restaurants that provide you with quality and healthy food.

So, when you’re planning your next vacation to the Digha coasts, are you ready to give one of the best hotels in Digha a try? A good hotel stay can change your entire mood for the upcoming weeks when you’ll back to normal life.

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