How To Spend Independence Day Weekend in Digha with Iconic Hotel

Published On : July 28, 2022

As India steps on its 76th year of Independence Day, it is a very joyous occasion for all Indians. Along with the celebratory occasion, there’s another small quotient of happiness this Independence Day brings for all working class. As Independence Day falls on Monday, that means there is room for respite after long gruelling weeks of work. A long weekend is always welcomed by any 9-5 office employee. But what to do when you have a three-day weekend? As most people, pick on their back up and get ready for a short getaway weekend trip. For people of Kolkata, Digha is an excellent choice for a weekend trip as it offers its extensive beaches, exquisite weather, and some of the best hotels donning the coastline in Digha. Who doesn’t want to spend time in the lap of leisure for a long weekend? But one may ask what can you do in Digha? Let’s look at some of the exciting things you can do in Digha:

Watch Sunrise & Sunsets:

There is something completely magical about witnessing the sunrises and sunsets on the beaches of Digha. As nature paints the skyline and water in vivid colours. Even from the hotel balcony, you can see some of the best sunrise and sunset in Digha.

The Cashew Garden:

Take a little break from the beaches to see the West Bengal government-created botanical garden to encourage cashew nut plantations. You may see in person how these delectable goodies are created here. This is a terrific place to be if you’re seeking something to do in Digha to pass the time other than staying in the best hotels and beaches. It is a must-go spot for all botany lovers.

Visit Chandaneswar Temple:

One of the holy temples of Lord Shiva is situated 5-7kms away from Digha in the Balasore district of Orissa. Which is just neighbouring to Digha. Thus, making it an appealing place to visit. Tourists coming to Digha often visit Chandeshwar temple to offer prayer.

Science City in Digha:

Despite being appropriate for all ages, it is best to visit Digha Science Center if you are touring with children or schoolchildren. This is more like Science City, which is in Kolkata, the state of West Bengal’s capital. This Digha attraction is pretty well-equipped and will provide you with a satisfying experience, although your kids will undoubtedly like it more than you do. The Digha Science Center’s main feature is Jurassic Age Park.

Hoist Flag on The Beaches of Digha:

You can’t think of spending Independence Day without hoisting the Indian flag. There is something magical indeed when you combine the serenity of the beach with the patriotic feeling that whelms our hearts on the 15th of August.

Thereby, when you are thinking of spending your weekend in Digha, no way you’ll be confined to some hotel suite of the best hotel in Digha. You will have enough to do, be it with your family or friends. Digha is indeed an exquisite place to go for a quick weekend getaway.

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