How Can You Have A Memorable Trip to Digha?

Published On : January 3, 2022

How Can You Have A Memorable Trip to Digha?

New Year 2022 will not bring any stressful times and a monotonous lifestyle when short breaks become a necessity. So, when you will be searching for a short break and escape from the monotonous life, then remember Digha! At Digha, you will be rejuvenated with zeal and energy. Indeed, going to Digha keeps you away from the humdrum affairs of city life. In West Bengal, Digha is the widely preferred destination when a secure and serene place is needed for spending some time relaxing with nature.

The type of trip you are willing to take up needs adequate planning to enhance your trip experience. So, check the hotels in Digha and book a room you think is perfect for your budget.

Situated in Kolkata’s South – West, Digha has attained a lot of attention and popularity among the masses for its glorious beauty. Britishers had discovered Digha in the late 18th century – “Beerkul” had been its former name. It is even referred to as the “Brighton of the East”.

Digha’s Location
Situated at a distance of 187 km from Kolkata, Digha is even among the greatest place to spend soothing holidays. The luring and soothing scenic beauty of Digha, casuarina plants filling up the seashore along the shoreline, boost this area’s magnificence. Along with the beach’s enhancing beauty, the trees are excellent in decreasing erosion on sand dunes.

Here is how you need to plan and make sure to stick to it.

1. Never-to-Miss Digha’s Beaches
Sunsets and sunrises are the ideal time for enjoying Digha Beach. The golden yellow hues coloured on Bay of Bengal’s salty water appear like the artist’s canvas. This very ocean at Digha is both peaceful and shallow for about 1.5 km from the seashore, so it is much safe for swimming. At low tide, you can drive on the hard Digha beach. Its spacious and intact beach has given space to caesarean groves along the side of the calm sea and all-year-round fine weather.

2. Digha Sea Market and the Sea Shells on the Sea Shore
During low tides, the Digha Sea Market is in its operative mode. The sea-shell made ornaments, sea-shell jewellery, large varieties of Midnapore mats which are the weed-made hand-woven rugs in colourful patterns and designs become the central items of attraction. At Digha Beach, you can even buy Cottage art of Digha and Midnapore to carry home as keepsakes.

3. Marine Aquarium and Research Centre; and Plentiful Fishes
When life underwater fascinates you, then you are bound to love the Marine Aquarium and Research Center. The chief objective here is demonstrating marine diversity and making people clearly understand how life under sea looks like. Across the nations, the place is renowned for winning hearts, owing to its advanced technology.

4. Chandaneswar and Its Compratirots Welcoming Spiritual Awakening
Chandaneswar is at an 8 km distance from Digha. It is the site of the old Shiva Temple. The equally attractive temples are located 14 km and 45 km away from Digha, namely Lankeswari Temple and Kapal Kundala Temple waiting to greet you to a divine location.

Rail and bus services in Digha are much frequent. You are even free to board the metro trains or the local city bus for exploring the town. Digha could be a small town, you will find the luxurious hotel at cheap rates. Hence there is no question to facing issues with the accommodation. Choose the best hotel to have a fine and grand stay.

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