Famous 5 Serene Beaches Must-to Visit In Digha

Published On : March 31, 2021

Digha is renowned as a sea beach tourist spot located much closer to the Bay of Bengal. Along with its budget-friendly hotels, Digha is a natural hot spot having many pristine beaches. You might be a regular escapist willing to take a break once every month, or a newbie to West Bengal looking for a cool energizing tourist spot – Digha with its virgin beaches is always ready to welcome you.


First, stop at one of the best family-friendly and economic hotels in Digha before you go out to visit the popular five beaches in Digha.


1. Shankarpur Beach – A quite recently discovered exotic beach is even known as Digha’s twin beach – it is a calm home to a number of casuarina plantations. Pay a visit here at any time and enjoy yourself to the maximum at this private beach. There is a fishing opportunity here. Since it is newly developed, so there are many tourist resorts, hotels, and lodges at Shankarpur. The easiest route to take is the Digha-Contai Road that is 14kms from Digha.


2. Sagardwip Beach – At Sagardwip Beach, you shall be happy to experience the fun that is infused with pilgrimage. Sagardwip Beach is located in the Sundarbans. For your weekend getaway, this beautiful silvery beach is the perfect setting. Try visiting here during Makar Sankranti, when the Gangasagar Mela is at its full fledge and the pilgrims’ congregation adds to the charms of this beach. From the hotels, you shall get lovely panoramic views of different lingering places.


3. Junput Beach – Situated amidst a natural setting, Junput Beach offers a serene, untainted sea view. Its location is around 40kms from Digha, where enjoying fishing cultivation is encouraged. The Fisheries Department is taking up continuous schemes for its development. Get in touch with Digha officials to stop by and enjoy the beauty of Junput Beach.


4. Bakkhali Beach – Quite closer to Kolkata, Bakkhali offers superb relief from the hustles and bustles of city life. Bakkhali Beach is a sandy beach with its gushing waves twinkling in the glitters of sunlight. Girdled with red crabs and casuarina trees, Bakkhali Beach is most suitable for budget-tight tourists.


5. Frezerganj Beach – Frazerganj is one of the unrivaled pristine beaches where you can reach directly by road from Kolkata. The migratory birds add to the charm of the beach, and surprisingly you shall find yourself totally immersed in the aura of this place.


Digha is indeed the central spot from where accessing all the five beaches is extremely easy. Rather, at a cheaply priced hotel, you can enjoy the warm hospitality facilities and a comfortable stay. Make sure you are following the rules of self-protection and taking up all the safety measures to keep yourself safe from the ill effects of the COVID19 pandemic.


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