Choose Iconic Hotel to Spend Holi On This March 18′ 2022

Published On : March 3, 2022

Nothing can beat the amazement of frivolous Holi celebration in India, for the “colour-laden joys” it gifts us all. How about shaking off the regular monotony, and heading to the land of casuarina trees, Digha, and enjoying Holi there?

As it is the date this time is awesomely convenient; you can actually spend three days at one of the best budget hotels in New Digha (Friday 18th March 2022, and the following two weekends), and then return to the city. As it is, this will be the most exciting experience while celebrating the colours of Holi with your loved ones on the beautiful New Digha beach, in turn, you shall have a great time to breathe. So, do not miss the opportunity to relax, refresh and rejuvenate to prepare yourself better to step back to your regular life. Treat yourself with more compassion by booking an economic room at a luxurious yet cost-effective Hotel.

Once you are done reserving accommodation, then wait for the day for the fun to begin! Holi is the time to add colours to life by receiving colourful water splashes, exchanging colourful smiles and relishing some superb delicious snacks. Being together with your family and enjoying Holi, will enable everyone to open out the bunch of gossip waiting to be revealed soon. Also, there is no match to meet and greet your family members over “thandai” glasses. Holi is the festival giving you a superb break from your fast–going lives, so, utilize the time at Iconic Hotel by spending quality time with your family. At Iconic Hotel, you will be able to utilize the moment and enjoy it to the fullest, when you have planned it well.

As you have already decided to spend Holi at Digha, away from home, and break the monotony; you will be happy to feel closer to your family members while adding more memories. Well, you have numerous options to come to Digha and celebrate Holi, for Digha is the most unique and offbeat selection. The serene view of the blue sea, the colours, laughter and enjoyment would turn out to be never-ending memories to capture and store!

Budget-friendly hotel apt for the families, Iconic Hotel also has a restaurant where you are welcome to indulge in tasting some best food on Holi. Now, that you have decided to stay for two days more, then at Iconic Hotel, you shall get king like hospitality services.

Time is running out fast. Before the rooms get filled in, reserve a hotel room at Iconic Hotel, and have the tickets ready. Then, simply have a cheerful time celebrating awesome Holi at the seaside. You live life once, so do not pass the opportunities to live life to the fullest. Trying new things is the purpose to live life, and taking up the new trial of celebrating Holi in Digha.

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